Stallion Truck Bodies Upfits

Stallion Truck Bodies is the Pinto Metal Fabrication brand of custom truck bodies. We specialize in designing, building, and customizing flatbeds, dump trucks, landscape trucks, and custom truck bodies. All designing, building, finishing and installing is done at our Charlotte, NC location. Our powder coating is handled internally, guaranteeing a quality finish and quick project time. Browse our different pages about each custom truck body type to see examples of our work. Call or email us with any questions about what we could do for your project. We look forward to working with you.

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Dump Body

Stallion Dump Body

Stallion Truck Bodies have a complete line of options for dump trucks and dump bodies. Sizes range from 10' to 14' in length, constructed from steel or aluminum. Additional options include hitches, shovel racks, and tool boxes.

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Dovetail Landscape Body

Stallion Dovetail Landscape Body

Stallion Truck Bodies have a complete line of options for landscaping companies. Landscaping configurations and options are virtually unlimited. Standard model includes diamond plate floor with four D-rings, 60" spring loaded tailgate, and a fold-down gate on the passenger side.

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Platform Bodies

Stallion Platform Body

We can make a flatbed with any level of customization and additional options. Need a body with removeable sides and lumber rack? Need a body with additional storage and a trailer hitch? We can make it happen.

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