Rockport Upfits

Rockport Commercial Vehicles has become North America’s fastest growing commercial body manufacturer. Rockport continues to produce timely, high-quality Van Bodies, Enclosed Service Bodies & Enclosed Service Trailers in its Elkhart, Indiana, & Ocilla, Georgia, manufacturing facilities.

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Refrigerated Bodies

Rockport Refrigerated Bodies

Rockport’s Refrigerated Body is engineered for the more extreme temperature applications. Features include Aluminum Sidewalls, Aluminum Roof and Extruded Aluminum Floor.. Our injected polyurethane expanded foam insulation and food safe polyurea coating maximizes insulation efficiency and provides a seamless interior finish. Rockport refrigerated bodies can be configured with any combination of cold, frozen, and/or ambient storage.

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Dry Freight Bodies

Rockport Dry Freight Bodies

Rockport’s Truck Body is engineered for the more grueling applications in the workplace. Features include Aluminum or FRP construction, Aluminum or Translucent Roofing, Laminated Hardwood flooring with options of Extruded Aluminum and Steel or Aluminum Treadplate Overlay. Designed for heavier applications built on chassis cabs, Rockport Truck Body is an excellent consideration for those seeking a box of robust and rugged construction.

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Cutaway Van

Rockport Cutaway Bodies

Built for the value minded operator whose focus is a well-constructed box with functionality as the main aspect. Low floor entry height and available side and rear door configurations, make Cargoport popular for vocations that include multi-stop deliveries. Cargoport’s flexibility allows the operator to customize this unit if needed creating a vehicle that’s tailored to your specific vocation.

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